September 15, 2020

Vida Goldstein was the first woman in the western world to stand for parliament. Her fight still resonates today | Jacqueline Kent

A woman of courage, intellectual force and determination, she faced an uphill battle in Australian politics Vida Goldstein, born in the Victorian city of Portland in […]
September 15, 2020

Smashing the Glass Ceiling in VC Funding and the Workplace

Overcoming the VC gender bias is just one of the challenges this Latina entrepreneur has faced. Source
September 15, 2020

GP cash incentive linked to fall in UK abortion rates, study finds

Use of long-acting reversible contraceptives rose due to scheme encouraging targeted advice to women A scheme that gave GP surgeries cash incentives to tell women about […]
September 14, 2020

The young royals draw deep on family tradition: opting for weird child-rearing ways | Catherine Bennett

Blood sports for all is the chosen approach as the Cambridges take the children shooting The British royal family rather prides itself on its affinity with […]