February 19, 2020

Why the battle over trans rights is a minefield for Labour | Gaby Hinsliff

A pledge supported by three of the four leadership candidates has exposed a faultline running through the party This is a story about how politics fails. […]
February 19, 2020

How to Work the Room Like a Network Hustler

Learning to be a networking go-getter is easy if you follow this advice from a networking pro. Source
February 19, 2020

Overlooked No More: Andrée Blouin, Voice for Independence in Africa

Politicized by her child’s death, she went on to counsel the first post-colonial leaders of Algeria, both Congos, Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinea and Ghana. Source
February 18, 2020

Fighting the tyranny of ‘niceness’: why we need difficult women

Today’s thumbs-up, thumbs-down approach to feminism is boring and reductive. It is time to embrace complexity Difficult. It’s a word that rests on a knife-edge: when […]