January 14, 2020

When Heavy Periods Disrupt a Teenager’s Life

“Someone’s menstrual period should not be impairing them from leading a normal life, because we have really good treatments for pain and for heavy bleeding,” an […]
January 13, 2020

Build Your Squad for Financial Success

It's time for women of color in business to lift each other up. Source
January 13, 2020

Iran’s Only Female Olympic Medalist Defects Over ‘Lies’ and ‘Injustice’

Kimia Alizadeh, 21, announced her decision in an Instagram post featuring a photo from the 2016 Summer Games, where she won a bronze medal in taekwondo. […]
January 13, 2020

Do women feel guilt after having an abortion? No, mainly relief | Suzanne Moore

Most women don’t regret their decision to have a termination – and that outlook could help us protect reproductive rights Women know themselves! Shock! Women can […]