March 19, 2021

A Young Girl Finished High School by the Time She Turned 8. Now, She's Studying for Two Degrees in Hopes of Becoming an Astronaut.

With a whopping IQ of 162, Adhara Pérez is an eight-year-old Mexican student who was recently accepted to the prestigious International Air and Space Program. Source
March 19, 2021

WeWork Launches Program to Accelerate Growth of Women-Led Startups in Latin America

The initiative was created in response to the disproportionate impact that COVID-19 has had on women in the Latin American workforce. Source
March 18, 2021

Women-Led Businesses Are More Profitable Than Those Headed by Men – Here's Why

Although just 39 percent of companies in Mexico are led by women, an S&P report says that those companies have higher profit margins than businesses overseen […]
March 17, 2021

For Viridiana Álvarez, Mountaineering Teaches Several Key Lessons That Every Leader Should Know

The Guinness World Breaker recently shared how conquering three of the world's most difficult mountains has prepared her for entrepreneurship. Source