March 1, 2020

The True Story of the First Woman to Finish Special Forces Training

Forty years ago, Capt. Kate Wilder passed the Army Special Forces Officer Course, but her superiors wouldn’t let her graduate with her peers. Source
February 29, 2020

A sustainable vagina revolution is under way. But beware homemade tampons | Arwa Mahdawi

I can see why people are drawn to crocheted menstrual products – the mainstream options are far from perfect. But the trend still makes me scream […]
February 29, 2020

How Afghans Can Work Together to End the War

Negotiators from the Taliban and the Afghan government must build on the achievements of the past two decades. Source
February 29, 2020

Rose McGowan: Weinstein 'could be one of the biggest serial rapists in history'

The actor and activist said her own allegations against Weinstein would not go to court as the statute of limitations had passed Rose McGowan has described […]