February 26, 2020

Teen magazines may be extinct, but their pernicious advice still lives online | Rachael Krishna

Social media is giving bad guidance to girls – and there’s still a reluctance to talk about women’s bodies or their pain If there was anyone […]
February 26, 2020

I Spent Hours Talking to Victims. These Verdicts Will Give Them Hope.

Harvey Weinstein’s conviction shows how cultural change is reshaping the criminal justice system. Source
February 26, 2020

‘Rough sex’ as a defence for murder is grotesque victim-blaming | Sian Norris

The murder of Grace Millane in New Zealand and a spate of UK cases show the urgent need for a change in our laws The killer […]
February 25, 2020

Building Your Street Cred to Get the Salary You Deserve

Once you know how to earn credibility in a job environment, you can ask for – and earn – the money you deserve. Source