February 15, 2020

Want gender equality? Then fight for fathers’ rights to shared parental leave | Alexandra Topping

The UK should take a leaf out of Finland’s book and give men non-transferable time off to care for their children So Finland has done it […]
February 15, 2020

A Daily Aspirin for Pregnancy?

Pregnant women who take a daily baby aspirin may reduce the risk for premature birth. Source
February 15, 2020

Sing a song of sex work – why no one needs a Pretty Woman musical | Suzanne Moore

The sanitisation of sex work and the view of women as commodities was deemed acceptable in the 1990s, but it does not deserve a retread I […]
February 14, 2020

Bring Back the Tomboys

Once they were all over pop culture. When they retreated, an expanded view of what girlhood could look like was obscured, too. Source