March 4, 2020

Scotland Set to Be First Country to Provide Free Pads and Tampons

Its Parliament approved a bill that would make Scotland the first country to end “period poverty.” Source
March 3, 2020

After Weinstein, it’s time to say no to the cliched line that rape is about power, not sex | Sarah Ditum

The false divide forgets that for the rapist, it is very much about sex and gives cover to the sex industry It’s one of those slogans […]
March 3, 2020

Un día sin mujeres en México como señal de protesta

Hartas del aumento de los feminicidios y ataques a mujeres, grupos de activistas han llamado a un paro nacional de todo un día para exigir un […]
March 3, 2020

Older women are needlessly going blind. Why isn’t it a national scandal? | Dorothy Byrne

GPs regularly fail to diagnose giant cell arteritis, a disease that causes blindness in hundreds of women every year Fifty years ago I witnessed how the […]