March 14, 2020

Internet 'is not working for women and girls', says Berners-Lee

Inventor of world wide web calls for urgent action to make cyberspace safer for women and girls Women and girls face a “growing crisis” of online […]
March 13, 2020

‘Blatant Misogyny’: U.S. Women Protest, and U.S. Soccer President Resigns

Legal filings in a lawsuit argued women’s soccer players were inferior to men, poisoning an already testy relationship. The backlash cost Carlos Cordeiro his post. Source
March 13, 2020

‘When you go to the police, you think everything will be OK’: the woman fighting for victims of crime

Claire Waxman is London’s first commissioner for victims. She explains how her own experience of taking her stalker to court inspired her to help other survivors […]
March 13, 2020

Women’s Groups Will Host Summit Meeting Before D.N.C.

In an effort to raise the influence of female political leaders and female voters, the meeting aims to pressure the Democratic Party to place greater focus […]