March 30, 2020

Egypt’s Female Lion Tamers Show the Men How to Do It

The broader struggle for women’s equality may be lagging in Egypt, but six women dominate the field of lion taming in the country. Source
March 30, 2020

The men who give up on their spouses when they have cancer

When relationships are hit by serious illness, it can bring existing gender inequalities shockingly to the surface When Christie Sanchez was 12, she had the best […]
March 30, 2020

You Are Your Safest Sex Partner. Betty Dodson Wants to Help.

The nonagenarian masturbation icon is not slowing down. Source
March 29, 2020

State control over women's bodies is an unforeseen outcome of the coronavirus crisis | Emma Barnett

A U-turn on women’s ability to access home abortions and the cancellation of IVF means they have less say over their fertility It’s been quite a […]