April 6, 2020

E. Margaret Burbidge, Astronomer Who Blazed Trails on Earth, Dies at 100

She was denied access to a telescope because of her sex, but Dr. Burbidge forged ahead anyway, going on to make pathbreaking discoveries about the cosmos. […]
April 6, 2020

What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From The Wing Controversy

The predictable and preventable problems that plagued The Wing could happen to any fast-growing company. Source
April 6, 2020

How Black Girls Get Pushed Out of School

The debate about the school-to-prison pipeline has largely been centered on boys. Meet the author and academic who has worked to change that. Source
April 5, 2020

‘A Right Not a Privilege’: Meet the Woman Bringing Pads to People In Need

Coronavirus has disrupted the menstrual supply chain. As with other supplies, those who can afford to hoard have done so, leaving women with lower incomes without […]