June 1, 2021

In Just One Year, This Cereal Creator Grew a Multi-Million Dollar Brand That's Now Stocked in Whole Foods Nationwide

Margaret Wishingrad's journey to cereal company founder started with a simple question: If moms are the ones feeding cereal to their kids, why aren't moms the […]
May 27, 2021

73 Percent of Companies With Gender-Equality Practices Increased Profitability and Productivity in 2021. Here's Why.

Equitable practices are good for the bottom line. If you're not implementing them yet, now's the time to start. Source
May 25, 2021

15 Entrepreneurs Whose Products Will Make You Feel More Sane

Because who doesn't need that right now? Source
May 20, 2021

A California Woman Started a Boarding House in 1920. Her Great-Granddaughter Hopes to Run the Business Someday, Which She Calls 'The Mexican Cheers of Pasadena.'

Mary Alice Recendez started as a hostess at Mijares Mexican Restaurant when she was 13 years old and, at 32, is the only fourth-generation member of […]