May 11, 2020

I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.

The importance of owning an ugly moral choice. Source
May 10, 2020

Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling. 3 Percent of Women Agree.

A survey suggests that pandemic-era domestic work isn’t being divided more equitably than before the lockdown. Source
May 10, 2020

Supreme Court Divided Over Obamacare’s Contraceptive Mandate

The justices considered whether the Trump administration may allow employers to refuse to provide free insurance coverage for birth control on religious or moral grounds. Source
May 10, 2020

Working with women makes the world a better place | Torsten Bell

Research finds that both male and female judges are more likely to employ female clerks if they have worked with women Discrimination over jobs is bad. […]