May 31, 2020

Feminist Rap Group in Iceland Looks Abroad After Making a Stir at Home

The nine-woman collective Daughters of Reykjavik was mocked online and in Iceland’s news media. So they’re taking their message elsewhere. Source
May 31, 2020

Emma Amos, Painter Who Challenged Racism and Sexism, Dies at 83

Early in her career she created brightly colored scenes of black middle-class domestic life. Her later work was increasingly personal and experimental. Source
May 31, 2020

Taiwan Court Strikes Down Law Criminalizing Adultery

The decision was hailed by rights activists who said the law had disproportionately targeted women. Source
May 30, 2020

Trump, Twitter and the First Amendment

Readers discuss the president’s attempted crackdown on Twitter. Also: Cate Blanchett and feminism; remembering Larry Kramer; leaving the city in the pandemic; Groucho on college football. […]