June 7, 2020

En México el presidente dice que la mayoría de las llamadas de violencia doméstica son falsas

El mandatario comparó los pedidos de ayuda con bromas telefónicas; es la controversia más reciente en torno a la respuesta de su gobierno a los niveles […]
June 6, 2020

Sexist forum posts hundreds of private images of Australian female journalists and celebrities

Women whose social media pictures were uploaded to the site say they feel ‘violated’ by intrusion on their privacy Female journalists say they feel “violated” by […]
June 6, 2020

Abused Woman Who Killed Husband Is Granted the Family’s U.K. Estate

Sally Challen’s landmark case has put a spotlight on the fight against domestic abuse in Britain. Source
June 6, 2020

Does John Roberts Need to Check His Own Biases?

Evidence from recent Supreme Court arguments suggests that the chief justice, like most people, may have ideological and gender blind spots. Source