April 11, 2020

Four men jailed in first year since upskirting law was introduced

Work is still needed to raise awareness about the problem, campaigners say Four men have been jailed in the year since the upskirting law was introduced […]
April 11, 2020

3 Lessons for First-Time CEOs From Someone Who's Been There

The lessons a CEO two years in wishes she knew when she started out. Source
April 11, 2020

‘Thanking God for My Breath’: Dispatch From New York’s Frontline

An E.R. doctor predicted the chaos that Covid-19 would unleash long before it was declared a pandemic. Then she came down with it herself. Source
April 10, 2020

Northern Ireland confirms abortions can now be carried out

Services should have been available since 31 March, prompting claims of stalling Northern Ireland authorities confirmed on Thursday that abortions can now be carried out in […]