March 29, 2020

State control over women's bodies is an unforeseen outcome of the coronavirus crisis | Emma Barnett

A U-turn on women’s ability to access home abortions and the cancellation of IVF means they have less say over their fertility It’s been quite a […]
March 29, 2020

I Never Planned on Being a Playboy Pinup

In 1995 I modeled as part of a feature on “Women of the Internet.” As the magazine ceases print publication, I’m feeling weirdly nostalgic. Source
March 29, 2020

A Ban on Religious Garb in Public

The nonprofit Becket — Religious Liberty for All discusses the Quebec case and its American counterpart. Also: Two stories about birthdays. Source
March 28, 2020

Why has the media ignored sexual assault allegations against Biden? | Arwa Mahdawi

Conservatives who didn’t care about the multiple sexual assault allegations against Trump have seized on the accusations while liberals turn a blind eye The Week in […]