May 17, 2021

This Type of Founder Consistently Outperforms Competitors, Generates 10 Percent More Revenue

Investors are always looking for the edge to help them find tomorrow's unicorn. The answer is embarrassingly obvious. Source
May 15, 2021

This Black Female Founder Discusses Her Journey and Some of the Unique Narratives Surrounding Black Entrepreneurship

Renae Bluitt grew up around her family's rural funeral home, but today leads a media platform that highlights the stories of other black female founders. Source
May 15, 2021

'What's the Trick to Building Trust With Social Media Followers?'

In her column for 'Entrepreneur,' Brit+Co founder Brit Morin advises on the five types of value people get from social media content, and why sometimes it's […]
May 14, 2021

Kara DioGuardi Knows How Songwriters and the Music Industry Can Survive

The former 'American Idol' judge and Grammy-nominated songwriter's boutique music-publishing company, Arthouse Entertainment, continues finding innovative ways to incubate young talent. Because as DioGuardi assures us, […]