June 30, 2020

Forget blokes with shovels, shouldn’t stimulus go to nurses and teachers? | Peter Lewis

Workers who guide our kids into the world and care for us when we are ill are still not fully valued. This must change There’s a […]
June 30, 2020

Premature Births Tied to Heart Risks in Mothers

Women who delivered prematurely had a decades-long increased risk of coronary heart disease. Source
June 30, 2020

The pandemic put paid to some big arguments. Here are the ones we need to revive | Zoe Williams

When coronavirus began spreading, we stopped arguing about sovereignty – and survived. But failing to address racism caused the world to erupt I had one intoxicating […]
June 29, 2020

These Entrepreneurs Were Affected by Riots, But “See the Forest Instead of Focusing on the Trees”

Like many small business owners in communities of color, these entrepreneurs in Tampa are more concerned about forward progress than raging against rioters. Source