March 14, 2021

Every Solution This Founder Created Led Her to a Bigger (More Impactful) Problem to Solve

PopCom founder and CEO Dawn Dickson started out selling shoes to women, and ended up making over the vending machine industry with smart technology. Source
March 13, 2021

Two in Five Women Considered Leaving Their Jobs During Covid-19 Pandemic

According to a new survey, women felts it was difficult to balance working from home and caring for their family. Source
March 13, 2021

3 Female Entrepreneurs Tell Us How They Use Instagram to Sell

Features like Store, Ads, Stories, IGTV or Reels helped them to highlight their brand. Source
March 12, 2021

About 59.3% of MSMEs in Latin America Are Managed by Women

Costa Rica is the Latin American country that stands out the most in having women leading the management and administration of an SME with 65.9 percent. […]