July 20, 2020

More Resignations, but No Sign Yet of a Change in Gaming Culture

Since dozens of women spoke up about harassment in gaming last month, prominent industry figures have resigned. But has anything really changed? Source
July 20, 2020

The power of touch: having sex with another woman shook my brain and restarted my heart

I had known her for a month or so, and ending up in bed seemed inevitable. The experience elevated touch to a whole new level Welcome […]
July 20, 2020

What’s Missing in the Effort to Stop Maternal Deaths

The U.S. could prevent two-thirds of deaths during or within a year of pregnancy, research suggests. Source
July 19, 2020

The power of touch: I didn't hold my daughter until she was three days old | Salamishah Tillet

I was afraid my inability to breastfeed her or engage in skin-to-skin contact would harm her, but I was also burdened by another history Welcome to […]