August 5, 2020

Helen Jones Woods, Member of an All-Female Jazz Group, Dies at 96

She played trombone in the multiracial International Sweethearts of Rhythm, but later put down her horn forever. She died of the coronavirus. Source
August 5, 2020

Want More Clients? Focus On Your Personal Brand

How would it feel to run a competition-proof business? Here is the secret to making it happen with ease. Source
August 5, 2020

I’m bisexual – but worry I'm not as attracted to men as I am to women

I’d feel there was something missing in a long-term heterosexual relationship, but am concerned I am not attracted enough to men to have a monogamous gay […]
August 4, 2020

Trump Is Dog-Whistling. Are ‘Suburban Housewives’ Listening?

Or are they too busy organizing protests, posting links to bail funds and discussing antidotes for tear gas? Source