May 17, 2020

Why Kamala Harris Isn’t Clamoring to Be Biden’s Running Mate

The California senator is considered a potential running mate for Joe Biden. But unlike other possible contenders, she has avoided making a pitch for the ticket. […]
May 16, 2020

Barbara Babcock, a Force for Women in the Law, Dies at 81

She helped Ruth Bader Ginsburg win a federal judgeship. “I would not hold the good job I have today were it not for Barbara,” Justice Ginsburg […]
May 16, 2020

The Women’s Jail at Rikers Island Is Named for My Grandmother. She Would Not Be Proud.

The inmates at “Rosie’s” are subjected to abuse and, now, exposed to the coronavirus. Source
May 16, 2020

In Netflix’s ‘Hollywood,’ One Movie Fixes Racism. Hooray!

Ryan Murphy’s revisionist series is laughably self-satisfied and willfully naïve about complex real-world problems. I also kind of enjoyed it. Source