January 10, 2021

Weekly Forecast: November 9-13, 2020 – Friday The 13th, Scorpio Mercury & Mars Direct

Monday morning, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus as Venus in Libra opposes retrograde Mars in Aries. The mood is measured and particular but enlivened with unbounded […]
January 10, 2021
Night Sky over Building

Gemini Daily Horoscope for November 09, 2020

It's going to take a lot of patience to deal with a friend who seems hell-bent on spoiling your fun today. Whether they're miserly, irritable, or […]
January 9, 2021
Assorted Tarot Cards on Table

Tarot Reading for Dec 14 – 20

Heads up: There’s some white noise at the very start and in a couple other spots in this video as my foster kitten Gabby kept bumping […]
January 9, 2021

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cancer 2020

The holidays are upon us! 2020 has been a crazy year, and with all that’s happened, many of us are a little less prepared for holiday […]