September 20, 2020

What Happens When Uranus in Taurus Transits Your 4th House?

It takes approximately seven years for Uranus to transit a house in your natal chart. Uranus is currently about one third of the way through my […]
September 19, 2020
Night Sky over Building

Gemini Daily Horoscope for September 10, 2020

The negative feelings you had for someone have improved so much that you are starting to feel like you'd join their fan club if they had […]
September 19, 2020

Venus Neptune: Shared Delusion

I’m just off the phone with a gal who told me of a “shared delusion” she had with her ex.  I’d never heard the phrase before. […]
September 19, 2020
Assorted Tarot Cards on Table

Unboxing The Deck of Character!

The Deck of Character is a fun, fresh, modern oracle designed not just for readings but for sparking conversations – with both your friends and your […]