‘In Italy I Kept Meeting Guys’: The Black Women Who Travel for Love
February 19, 2020
BaubleBar, Reformation, Kate Spade and more brands are marked down for Nordstrom’s huge winter sale
February 19, 2020

Under fire for ‘tassel campaigning’ at the Oscars, Portman showed restraint and defiance in her riposte – plus mindful respect for women colleagues

It’s hard to predict what the big stories from Oscar night will turn out to be. Parasite’s victory was a slight surprise – but not an earth-shaker. Mystic Meg wasn’t required in order to guess that Elton John might give us a tune or Joaquin Phoenix could bringout the vegan big guns.

The joy of the night is the curveball: Scorsese goggling at Eminem; Janelle Monáe popping her shirt button while struggling with a Mr Rogers cardie. Diane Keaton.

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